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Wedding Tips

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Getting Ready

Try to find a room that has natural light. This kind of light makes for great skin tone and can hide skin blemishes. We’ve found that people look best in soft light. Tungsten light is not good for Video and/or photography. Every light source has a different color temperature, so, we recommend turning all the lights off so we can control the natural light.

When we have a lamp on, and a bride that is sitting next to a window getting her makeup done, half of her face is going to be orange from the (warm) lamp, and the other half is going to be blue (cool) from the window light. There is no way to properly color correct this image.


We normally provide our own wireless handheld Microphone for the speeches.

We've found that the best setup for speeches is Placing the Microphone so that it is facing directly at the couple's sweetheart table, right in the middle of the dance floor so you can look at the couple directly to their eyes.

Keep the Mic as close as possible and speak direct to the microphone without touching it, If you speak so far away from the Microphone we’re picking up EVERYTHING in the room and creating eco, then that’s certainly not ideal. You need to find a middle ground.

We have our lighting setup before speeches starts, please do not remove the microphone from the Mic Stand.

Whether you’re the groom, best man or father of the bride, these words will be used to tell the story of the couple, it will be part of the final Film, so delivering an epic speech will give us the opportunity to be creative and lear more about our couple.

Alone time with the Couple

The most important thing is just to relax and be yourself.

If you have a Photographer from another company, we recommend you to incorporate time for just Video during your portrait session, It will give us the opportunity to create intimate shots and play with the environment!

Indoor Locations

Weather can change in a matter of minutes, Finding an indoor location will give us the opportunity to create stunning images without shooting outside. we're always looking for the best scenarios where we can be creative. we highly recommend giving us 10 min right after introductions and formalities are done to create beautiful indoor shots, after this you will be ready to party!

Sunset time

Make sure to add time for Sunset Video and/or photos. sunset time is the best part of the day for bride and groom video/photo session, 15 before and 10 min after sun is set will give us the time to get stunning and dramatic images from your day!